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  • DTH Hammer

    The DTH hammer acts as a role of converting the air pressure to the impact energy, simultaneously transferring impact energy and rotation force to DTH bits.

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  • DTH bits

    Sinodrills DTH bits are made of superior quality alloy steel which is made by Timken in U.S. Besides, all our DTH bits are using the brand "Element Six" T.C carbide which provides (the T.C buttons) for Boart Longyear

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  • DTH drill pipes

    SINODRILLS DTH drill pipe DTH drill pipes play a significant role in all DTH drilling, regardless of application, rock type, hole depth or drill rig. The key features of a high quality DTH tube are durability

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  • Symmetric overburden casing drilling systems

    Symmetric is a system comprised of an ingeniously simple concentric method of drilling through overburden with casing

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  • Eccentric overburden casing drilling systems

    Eccentric is the most economical solutions because its ingenious reaming wing the bit is retrievable can be used at the next hole

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Sinodrills is Better than better


Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co., LTD, hereinafter in the abbreviation of SINODRILLS, is an export-oriented corporation specialise in the research, production and sale of Rock Drilling Tools. With two production bases and cooperating with some other manufacturers, we are committed to supplying a complete drilling resolution to our customers and continuously reducing the drilling cost per meter simultaneously.

Thanks for our reliable quality, competitive prices and professional services, “Made by SINODRILLS” has been exported to 82 countries and areas in the world and been accepted and chosen by more and more drillers, contractors and distributors.

Through twelve years development, we have been continually growing stronger. In order to meet the company development, we now launch a new Logo as shown below:


The new Logo is composed of blue and yellow. The former represents a positive and exuberant vitality, which symbolizes our positive attitude, tenacious and courageously struggle spirit toward work; the latter stands for we are dealing in the Rock Drilling field and will constantly offer the best quality and services to consumers. With an opened circle in the middle means we will adhere to making all better; the highlighted yellow triangle guides us forward. We will endeavor to be a top supplier in Rock Drilling Tools Industry in China by continuously improving to provide better and better products and service.

Therefore, we would like to draw your attention and look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

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